Gentle On My Mind

Did you know there are many types of Journeys you can go on? Inner Journeys, Physical Journeys, Imaginative Journeys, Spiritual Journey, Mythological Journey, Life journey, Mind journey. Just to name a few. I think most would say the first definition would be Physical when asked by others. From what I've read from others who have written about theirs, I see more Life, Inner, and Spiritual. 
I remember listening to "Gentle On My Mind", by Glen Campbell. It came out in 1967. I was 15 years old and starting to dream of things I wanted to do with my life. Being a mom was at the top of my list, then being an Art teacher but the one thing I always wanted that I knew was impossible and unheard of being a girl, I wanted to be a hobo. I thought it sounded so exciting. Sleeping under the stars, meeting all kinds of people, seeing everywhere I dreamed of going. But back then girls was not suppose to think like this. I think this is why I always wanted to be a boy.
Any time the life I was given (or you can say the life someone thought I should be living), became over whelmed. My mind would take me to the memory and feelings I had when I was so young. So many times the ramp to get on the highway looked so inviting. I just wanted to take that ramp and leave it all behind and drive to another place, another world. Any place but where I was. 
I am 64 now and still have that dream from time to time to take that ramp. So I decided to dream that dream through others who did choose to live it. I love watching travel shows of any kind. I also collect photos from around the world since getting my first computer in 1998.
Today its easier to travel and even seeing it live. Technology has come a long way so by live streaming, I can now travel through the eyes of others.
Traveling through the lives of others, would fall under a Imaginative Journey and anytime I hear "Gentle On My Mine", I am traveling even after 50 years.

Here is the song, enjoy.

The Journey Of Motherhood

Like most little girls, I always wanted to be a mom. I came from one of five siblings. My sister Evelyn, my brother Sam, my sister Shirley and my younger sister Katy. I was the forth in line. My mom always made our lives simple and as normal as she could. I remember one of the things me and my sister Katy played was orphanage. We would collect all the dolls in the house and formed a home for orphanages. There was always one baby that no one wanted to adopted and we always gave that baby extra love. That's my first memory of knowing I wanted four children. Two boys and two girls sounded like the idea number to me.
I was married when I was nineteen but did not get to experience motherhood until I was twenty six. I lost two babies before my son was born and one after. Motherhood was one of the most rewarding life journeys I've been on. I treasure each and every minute of being a mom. 
My son is in his 30's now and still the joy of my life. I have three grand children that has kept this treasured journey going. 
On some journeys in our lives there will be heartache. In some of them there will be pain and sadness during parts of it but it only leads to a better endings and new beginnings. If you only remember the bad parts of a journey then it becomes a wall we build that is to high to climb over and your journey ends. You should always be ready for the next one. 

“The greatness of our destination will be lost without the memory of our beginning.” 
― Sergio Tinoco, Proud American

The Journey Of Writing

Writing is one of many journeys that I've been on. But this journey started later in my life. I was 48 before I started writing on a regular bases. My writing was part of me meeting my second husband, Billy. But that's another story I will write about at a later time. Its a love story, so make sure you read about that journey. 

I have always been interested in writing but I did not have the confidence in myself to do so. I come from a long line of writers in my family. My Grand Father on my mothers side wrote, songs, poem, and words of wisdom. My mother wrote beautiful songs and devotions. My sister Katy is very talented anytime she puts words on paper. I have been telling her for years she needs to write a book. She is the kind of writer where her words draw you into what ever she writes. Me, I write with my heart. If I try to write without it, it just doesn't work for me. I would compare those writings to a car wreck and they would end up in the junk yard. Weather my heart is hurt or happy it comes out in my writing and I love it. I feel its a gift from the Lord and anytime it comes from the heart, its like I am touched by Him. How could I not love that. After all, I put my trust in Him. 
The very first time I can recall writing anything was when I would rock my son to sleep. It was something I did every night until he got to big. I loved motherhood and singing a special song just to him was a way I could give him a gift from my heart. So this blog will tell many journeys that I have been on. I doubt they will be in the order of my life span. I am going to leave it in the hands of my heart and my God. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

“Writing is a process, a journey into memory and the soul.”
― Isabel Allende